Bible, English


05/12/2017 The Message - Mateo 6

This is right on where I am today. I get so busy I neglect the one person who has all the answers

04/12/2017 New Living Translation - Salmos 37

Trust in the Lord and do good and you will live safely and prosper.

03/12/2017 New Living Translation - Ezequiel 20

God as a magnificent parent systemically shows how He straightened out his troubled child Israel.

03/12/2017 New Living Translation - Mateo 5

Lord help me to be a true child of God. To love those who do harm to me and not to rejoice at their downfall. Help me Jesus!

03/12/2017 New Living Translation - Ezequiel 25

Do no rejoice at the demise of your enemy. Help us Lord Jesus!

03/12/2017 New King James Bible - 1 tesalonicenses 2

Treat new believers as a mother nursing mother will do to her new born.

03/12/2017 New International Version - Salmos 88

Please Lord heal Samiha and Alexandra eye operation , be successful. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

03/12/2017 New International Version - Hechos 9

God is our healer.

02/12/2017 21st. Century King James Bible - 1 corintios 1

Lord who are we that we should consider ourselves great and mighty? The Lord is above all and the Cross of Christ is glory. Thank you Lord. Amen And Amen.

02/12/2017 Amplified Bible - Isaias 55

Word of God do wat has been sent for on earth

02/12/2017 New Living Translation - 1 tesalonicenses 5

May the peace of God keep our whole body and spirit and soul blameless until Jesus Christ returns. God who calls us faithful will make this happen. Thank you Lord!

02/12/2017 The Message - Salmos 16

Thank you Jesus. Ever since you took my hand, I'm on the right path. I will not be shaken Lord

01/12/2017 New International Version - Salmos 108

The family thank you for your victory over our enemies, we will continue to praise nd worship u 4ever nd ever. Amen. DOE

01/12/2017 Amplified Bible - Exodo 10

Jehovah is God & does whatever He pleases & can question His integrity and

01/12/2017 New International Version - Mateo 3

Father in the mighty Name of Jesus fill me with your spirit Amen.

01/12/2017 New Living Translation - Salmos 91

Cover me with your blood, in the name of Jesus...Amen

01/12/2017 New Living Translation - Mateo 1

They named Him Jesus, for He would save His people from their sins. There is no other name under heaven by which man must be saved. Jesus, Jesus, there is just something about that name. Glory to God!

01/12/2017 Amplified Bible - Salmos 70

Help me oh LORD and put a stop to hardship in mv life

30/11/2017 New Living Translation - Lucas 10

Let us not be impressed with our successes alone but let us strive to have our names registered in Heaven. Help us Lord!

30/11/2017 New King James Bible - 1 tesalonicenses 1

The church of the Thessalonians is good example f church of Christ. They practically demonstrates the kingdom of God .