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15/07/2018 New Living Translation - Exodo 15

Rev L Watson Exodus 15:1-27 "Ready to sing a New Song "

15/07/2018 New Life Version - Genesis 4

In this chapter we see how sin came into the world. The first murder is committed because of uncontrolled anger and envy.

15/07/2018 New Life Version - Genesis 3

This chapter tells why we live in a broken world. But Jesus came to redeem us. Praise Him!

13/07/2018 New Life Version - Genesis 2

The original intention was for marriage to be blessed and happy.

12/07/2018 New Life Version - Genesis 1

The story of creation has such a timeless beauty.

11/07/2018 New International Version - Salmos 37

Thank you God of host i am grateful for the verse 37:37 yes it's true my Lord may your will be done Amen.

08/07/2018 New International Version - Mateo 6

Praye as the antitote of worry.

08/07/2018 New International Version - Levitico 19

Do not cut your body for the dead or put tattoo mark on your self selves

07/07/2018 New King James Bible - Romanos 10

God's righteousness is Jesus Christ; alot of people are ignorant of God's righteousness and they went and established thein own form of righteousness. Some find righteousness through fasting, church doctrine. Jesus is the...

07/07/2018 New International Version - Proverbios 1

Oh Heavenly Father, Let me heed to your word so that I may walk in Your will for my life. edw

06/07/2018 New Living Translation - Josue 7

God is holy and His eyes cannot behold iniquities, they are abomination to him. BBB

06/07/2018 Darby's Translation - Lucas 1

Amen thank U Father for your Son Jesus. Amen!!!!# and a way back to U.

06/07/2018 The Message - Salmos 57

Awesome is our lord

29/04/2018 New International Version - 2 reyes 9

Obey the word of the Lord I pray for obedience for guidance from my heavenly father grace and peace be with all of Gods saints.

29/04/2018 New International Version - Mateo 8

Touch me and Iam made hold touch my mind my body and my soul Let this mind in Christ also being me Thank You heavenly Father peace grace and glory abide with us Amen.

28/04/2018 Amplified Bible - Salmos 108

With the exception of God vain is the help of man

28/04/2018 The Message - Esdras 5

God cannot be stop

28/04/2018 New International Version - 1 reyes 1

God is the same today,tomorrow and forever

28/04/2018 New International Version - Genesis 3

Despite eve and adam sinning against God, He went further clothing them with animal skin, what a loving and careling God Amen and Amen.

27/04/2018 New Living Translation - Numeros 16

Lord Jehovah nissi, Lord our banner.I fear your judgement and anger against unrighteouness.BBB