Bible Young's Literal Translation

Job 23

1And Job answereth and saith: --

2Also -- to-day [is] my complaint bitter, My hand hath been heavy because of my sighing.

3O that I had known -- and I find Him, I come in unto His seat,

4I arrange before Him the cause, And my mouth fill [with] arguments.

5I know the words He doth answer me, And understand what He saith to me.

6In the abundance of power doth He strive with me? No! surely He putteth [it] in me.

7There the upright doth reason with Him, And I escape for ever from my judge.

8Lo, forward I go -- and He is not, And backward -- and I perceive him not.

9[To] the left in His working -- and I see not, He is covered [on] the right, and I behold not.

10For He hath known the way with me, He hath tried me -- as gold I go forth.

11On His step hath my foot laid hold, His way I have kept, and turn not aside,

12The command of His lips, and I depart not. Above my allotted portion I have laid up The sayings of His mouth.

13And He [is] in one [mind], And who doth turn Him back? And His soul hath desired -- and He doth [it].

14For He doth complete my portion, And many such things [are] with Him.

15Therefore, from His presence I am troubled, I consider, and am afraid of Him.

16And God hath made my heart soft, And the Mighty hath troubled me.

17For I have not been cut off before darkness, And before me He covered thick darkness.

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