Bible New Life Version

Psalm 82

God's Rule

1 God takes His stand in the great meeting of His people. He judges among the rulers.
2 How long will you rulers be wrong in how you judge? How long will you show favor to the sinful?
3 Do the right thing for the weak and those without a father. Stand up for the rights of those who are suffering and in need.
4 Save the weak and those in need. Set them free from the hand of the sinful.

5 They know nothing; they understand nothing. They walk around in the dark. All that the earth is built upon is shaking.
6 I said, "You are gods. You are all sons of the Most High.
7 But you will die like men, and fall like one of the princes."

6 Rise up, O God! Say who is guilty or not guilty upon the earth! For all the nations belong to You.

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2017-07-22 Pslam 82:6-7