Bible New Life Version

Psalm 71

A Prayer Of An Old Man

1 I have a safe place in you, O Lord. Let me never be ashamed.
2 Because You are right and good, take me out of trouble. Turn Your ear to me and save me.
3 Be a rock to me where I live, where I may always come and where I will be safe. For You are my rock and my safe place.
4 O my God, take me from the hand of the sinful, from the hand of the wrong-doer and the man without pity.
5 For You are my hope, O Lord God. You are my trust since I was young.
6 You have kept me safe from birth. It was You Who watched over me from the day I was born. My praise is always of You.

7 I have become a wonder and surprise to many. For You are my strong safe place.
8 My mouth is filled with Your praise and with Your honor all day long.
9 Do not let me fall by the way when I am old. Do not leave me alone when my strength is gone.
10 For those who hate me talk against me. Those who want to kill make plans together.
11 They say, "God has turned away from him. Run and catch him, for there is no one to take him out of trouble."

12 O God, do not be far from me! O my God, hurry to help me!
13 Let those who are against me be ashamed and destroyed. Let those who want to hurt me be without honor and covered with shame.
14 But as for me, I will always have hope and I will praise You more and more.
15 My mouth will tell about how right and good You are and about Your saving acts all day long. For there are more than I can know.
16 I will come in the strength of the Lord God. I will tell about how right and good You are, and You alone.

17 O God, You have taught me from when I was young. And I still tell about Your great works.
18 Even when I am old and my hair is turning white, O God, do not leave me alone. Let me tell about Your strength to all the people living now, and about Your power to all who are to come.
19 O God, You are right and good, as the heavens are high. You have done great things, O God. Who is like You?
20 You have shown me many troubles of all kinds. But You will make me strong again. And You will bring me up again from deep in the earth.
21 Add to my greatness, and turn to comfort me.

22 O my God, I will praise You with a harp. I will praise Your truth. I will sing praises to You with different kinds of harps, O Holy One of Israel.
23 My lips will call out for joy when I sing praises to You. You have set my soul free.
24 My tongue will tell about how right and good You are all day long. For those who want to hurt me are ashamed and troubled.

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