Bible New Life Version

Psalm 64

Prayer For A Safe Place

1 O God, hear my voice when I complain. Keep my life safe from the fear of those who hate me.
2 Hide me from the secret plans of the sinful and from the noise of those who do bad things.
3 They have made their tongues sharp like a sword. They use poison words like arrows.
4 They shoot at the man without blame from their hiding place. They are quick to shoot at him and are not afraid.
5 They talk each other into doing sinful things. They talk about setting hidden traps. They say, "Who will see them?"
6 They think of ways to do bad things, and say, "We have made a perfect plan!" For the inside thoughts and the heart of a man are deep.

7 But God will shoot at them with an arrow. They will be hurt very soon.
8 They will be made to trip and fall. Their own tongue is against them. All who see them will shake their heads.
9 Then all men will be afraid. They will tell about the work of God. And they will think about what He has done.
10 The man who is right and good will be glad in the Lord and go to Him to be safe. All those whose hearts are right will give Him praise.

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