Bible New Life Version

Psalm 6

Prayer For Help In Time Of Trouble

1 O Lord, do not speak sharp words to me in Your anger, or punish me when You are angry.
2 Be kind to me, O Lord, for I am weak.

O Lord, heal me for my bones are shaken.
3 My soul is in great suffering. But You, O Lord, how long?
4 Return, O Lord. Set my soul free. Save me because of Your loving-kindness.
5 No one remembers You when he is dead. Who gives You praise from the grave?
6 I am tired of crying inside myself. All night long my pillow is wet with tears. I flood my bed with them.
7 My eye has grown weak with sorrow. It has grown old because of all who hate me.
8 Go away from me, all you who sin. For the Lord has heard the sound of my crying.
9 The Lord has heard my cry for help. The Lord receives my prayer.
10 All those who hate me will be ashamed and worried. They will turn away. They will be put to shame right away.

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2018-09-09 Lord I'm tied of this pain help me I left up Dr that I'm going to c Mon that they can help me let ur H.S guided them and they can gave me answers lord hear my prayer amen
2015-08-06 Only. The. Lord. Know. The. Trouble. We. See. But. It. Is. Written. Cast. All. My. Care. Upon. The. Lord. HE. Is. ABLE. To. Handle. Them.