Bible New Life Version

Psalm 39

Prayer Of A Suffering Man

1 I said, "I will watch my ways so I may not sin with my tongue. I will keep my mouth shut as if it were tied with ropes, while the sinful are near me."
2 I stayed quiet, not even saying anything good. And my sorrow grew worse.
3 My heart was hot within me. As I thought about things, the fire burned. Then I spoke with my tongue,
4 "O Lord, let me know my end and how many days I have to live. Let me know that I do not have long to stay here.
5 You have made each of my days as long as a hand is wide. My whole life is nothing in Your eyes. Every man at his best is only a breath.
6 Every man walks here and there like a shadow. He makes a noise about nothing. He stores up riches, not knowing who will gather them.

7 And now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in You.
8 Save me from all my sins. Do not let me be put to shame by the foolish.
9 I cannot speak. I do not open my mouth because it is You Who has done it.
10 Do not punish me any more. I am growing weak by the beatings of Your hand.
11 With sharp words You punish a man for sin. You destroy like a moth what is of worth to him. For sure, every man is only a breath.

12 O Lord, hear my prayer, and listen to my cry. Do not be quiet when You see my tears. For I am a stranger with You, a visitor like all my fathers.
13 Look away from me, so I may have joy again before I go and am no more."

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