Bible New Life Version

Psalm 23

The Lord - Our Shepherd

1 The Lord is my Shepherd. I will have everything I need.
2 He lets me rest in fields of green grass. He leads me beside the quiet waters.
3 He makes me strong again. He leads me in the way of living right with Himself which brings honor to His name.

4 Yes, even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not be afraid of anything, because You are with me. You have a walking stick with which to guide and one with which to help. These comfort me.
5 You are making a table of food ready for me in front of those who hate me. You have poured oil on my head. I have everything I need.
6 For sure, You will give me goodness and loving-kindness all the days of my life. Then I will live with You in Your house forever.

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2018-11-29 God bless the people who are poor help them.Amen.KertneyFiath Rancy
2018-11-28 Amem Joy to the world Joyce Anicca Rancy
2018-04-18 Lord I really need you this day. Please pray for me in heaven. FORGIVE Me for all my Sin. I'm so sorry to have hurt you. Change me oh Lord. Make me more like you. Create in me a clean heart so that I will obey and workshop you. I love...
2018-04-14 Thank You Jesus
2017-10-23 Thank you Jesus. Please full me will your power and SPIRIT. I love you Father.Please FORGIVE this world for all our Sin. And Save our Soul. In JESUS NAME I PRAY. AMEN
2016-07-13 Bless the Lord oh my soul
2016-01-17 Amen bless the of lord
2014-03-21 Jesus always with me
2013-11-11 Good word today
2013-10-07 Thanks God FOR SAVE US