Bible New Life Version

Psalm 114

God Takes Israel From Egypt

1 Israel came out of Egypt. The house of Jacob came from a people who spoke a strange language.
2 Then Judah became His holy place, and Israel became the place of His rule.

3 The sea looked and ran away. The Jordan turned back.
4 The mountains jumped like sheep, the hills like lambs.
5 Why did you try to get away, O sea? Why did you turn back, O Jordan?
6 O mountains, why did you jump like sheep? O hills, why did you jump like lambs?

7 Shake in fear before the Lord, O earth, before the God of Jacob.
8 He changed the rock into a pool of water. He made water flow out of hard rock.

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2018-12-04 AMEN Joyce Anicca Rancy
2015-09-15 What is the reason why mountain jumped and the hills jumped like lamp.?