Bible New Life Version

Romans 15

Live To Please Your Neighbor

1 We who have strong faith should help those who are weak. We should not live to please ourselves. 2 Each of us should live to please his neighbor. This will help him grow in faith. 3 Even Christ did not please Himself. The Holy Writings say, "The sharp words spoken against you fell on Me." (Psalm 69:9) 4 Everything that was written in the Holy Writings long ago was written to teach us. By not giving up, God's Word gives us strength and hope. 5 Now the God Who helps you not to give up and gives you strength will help you think so you can please each other as Christ Jesus did. 6 Then all of you together can thank the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Good News Is For The People Who Are Not Jews

7 Receive each other as Christ received you. This will honor God. 8 Christ came to help the Jews. This proved that God had told the truth to their early fathers. This proved that God would do what He promised. 9 This was done so the people who are not Jews can thank God for His loving-kindness. The Holy Writings say, "This is why I will give thanks to you among the people who are not Jews. I will sing to Your name." (Psalm 18:49) 10 It says also, "You who are not Jews, be happy with His people, the Jews." (Deuteronomy 32:43) 11 And, "Honor and give thanks to the Lord, you who are not Jews. Let everyone honor Him." (Psalm 117:1) 12 And Isaiah says, "There will be One from the family of Jesse Who will be a leader over the people who are not Jews. Their hope will be in Him." (Isaiah 11:10) 13 Our hope comes from God. May He fill you with joy and peace because of your trust in Him. May your hope grow stronger by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Paul's Reason For Visiting

14 I am sure you are wise in all things and full of much good. You are able to help and teach each other. 15 I have written to you with strong words about some things. I have written so you would remember. God helped me write like this. 16 I am able to write these things because God made me a missionary to the people who are not Jews. I work as a servant of Jesus Christ. I preach the Good News of God so the people who are not Jews may be as a gift to God. The Holy Spirit will set them apart so God will be pleased with them. 17 I have reason to be proud of my work for God. It is because I belong to Christ Jesus. 18 I can only speak of what Christ has done through me. I have helped the people who are not Jews to obey Him. I have done it by words and by living with them. 19 God showed them His power through me. The Holy Spirit did powerful works through me in front of them. From Jerusalem to the country of Illyricum I have preached the Good News of Christ. 20 It is my desire to preach the Good News where it has never been preached. I want to preach only where Christ is not known. 21 The Holy Writings say, "Those who have never known about Him will see. And those who have never heard about Him will understand." (Isaiah 52:15)

Paul Hopes To Visit The Christians In Rome

22 This is why I have been kept many times from coming to you. 23 But now I am finished with my work here. I have been wanting to come and visit you for many years. 24 I hope I can now. I am making plans to go to the country of Spain. On my way there I will stop and visit you. After I have had the joy of visiting you for awhile, you can help me on my way again. 25 But now I am going to Jerusalem to hand the Christians the gift of money. 26 The churches in the countries of Macedonia and Greece have decided to give money to help some of the poor Christians in Jerusalem. 27 They wanted to do it. They should help them in this way because they owe much to the Christians in Jerusalem. The Jews shared the Good News with the people who are not Jews. For this reason, they should share what they can with the Jews. 28 I will hand this gift of money to them. Then I will stop to see you on my way to the country of Spain. 29 I know that when I come to you, Christ will give me much good to share with you.

30 I ask you from my heart, Christian brothers, to pray much for me. I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 31 Pray that God will keep me safe from the people in the country of Judea who are not Christians. Pray also that the work I am to do for the Christians in Jerusalem will help them. 32 Then I will be coming to you if God wants me to come. I will be full of joy, and together we can have some rest. 33 May our God Who gives us peace, be with you all. Let it be so.

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