Bible New Life Version

Nahum 2

Nineveh Is Destroyed

1 The one who destroys has come against you, O Nineveh. Put men on the battle-walls. Watch the road. Be strong. Be ready for battle. 2 For the Lord will make Jacob great again, like the greatness of Israel, even when destroyers have destroyed them and their vine branches.

3 The battle-coverings of his strong men are red. His men of war are dressed in red. The war-wagons shine like fire when they are made ready. The cypress spears are waved. 4 The war-wagons race in the streets. They rush through the city. They look like fire and move like lightning. 5 The leaders are called. They lose their step as they go, and hurry to the wall. The battle-covering is set up. 6 The river gates are opened, and the king's house falls down. 7 The city is laid waste and the people are carried away. Her women servants are crying like doves, beating on their breasts.

8 Nineveh is like a pool, where water runs away. "Stop! Stop!" they cry. But no one turns back. 9 Take the silver! Take the gold! For there is no end of the riches, every kind of thing of great worth. 10 Everything has been taken from her! Yes, she is an empty waste! Hearts are melting in fear and knees are knocking! All bodies suffer, and all their faces turn white! 11 Where is the home of the lions, the place where they feed their young, where the male and female and young lions went, with nothing to be afraid of? 12 The lion killed enough for his young, and for his female lions. He filled his home with food, with torn flesh. 13 "I am against you," says the Lord of All. "I will burn up your war-wagons in smoke. A sword will destroy your young lions. I will cut off your food from the land. And the voice of your men who came with news will never be heard again."

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