Bible New Life Version

Job 29

Job Tells Of His Past Days

1 Then Job spoke again and said, 2 "If only I could be now as I was in the months past when God watched over me! 3 His lamp shined over my head then and by His light I walked through darkness. 4 Those days were my best days when God was my friend watching over my tent. 5 The All-powerful was still with me, and my children were around me. 6 My path was washed with milk, and the rock poured out rivers of oil for me. 7 When I went to the city gate and took my place with the leaders of the city, 8 the young men saw me and let me go by. The old men rose and stood. 9 The leaders stopped talking, and put their hands on their mouths. 10 The voices of the rulers were quiet. Their tongues held to the roof of their mouths. 11 Those who heard me, honored me. Those who saw me, respected me, 12 because I helped the poor man when he cried for help and the child without parents who had no one to help him. 13 Good came to me from the man who was dying. And I made the heart of the woman whose husband had died sing for joy. 14 I put on what was right and good, and it clothed me. The right things done were my coat and head-covering. 15 I was eyes to the blind, and feet to the man who could not walk. 16 I was a father to those in need. And I helped those I did not know who had a need. 17 I broke the jaws of the sinful, and took from their teeth what they had taken. 18 Then I thought, 'I will die in my nest. My days will be as many as the sand. 19 My roots go to the water. As the water is on the grass in the early morning, it will be all night on my branches. 20 My honor is always new to me, and my bow is new in my hand.'

21 "Men listened to me and waited. They were quiet so they could hear my words of wisdom. 22 After I spoke, they did not speak again. My words stayed with them. 23 They waited for me as for rain. And they opened their mouths as for the spring rain. 24 I looked at them with joy when they were not sure of themselves, and the light of my face gave them comfort. 25 I decided the way for them and sat as their leader. I lived as a king among his army, and like one who gives comfort to those in sorrow.

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