Bible New Life Version

Job 26

Job Talks

1 Then Job answered, 2 "What a help you are to the weak! How you have saved the arm that has no strength! 3 How you have given wise words to him who has no wisdom! How much true learning you have given! 4 To whom have your words been said? And from whose spirit have you spoken?

5 "The spirits of the dead shake under the waters and those living in them. 6 The place of the dead has no covering before God and the place that destroys has no covering. 7 He spreads out the north over empty waste, and hangs the earth on nothing. 8 He holds the waters in His clouds, and the cloud does not break under them. 9 He covers the face of the moon and spreads His cloud over it. 10 He has marked the sides around the waters where light and darkness are divided. 11 The pillars of heaven shake with fear. They are surprised and afraid of His sharp words. 12 He made the sea quiet by His power. And by His understanding He destroyed Rahab. 13 By His breath the heavens are made beautiful. His hand cut through the snake as it tried to get away. 14 See, these are only a few of the things He does. And how quiet are the words spoken about Him! But who can understand His powerful thunder?"

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