Bible New Life Version

Job 18

Bildad Talks

1 Then Bildad the Shuhite answered, 2 "How long will you keep talking? Show understanding and then we can talk. 3 Why are we thought of as animals? Why do you see us as not being able to think? 4 You who tear yourself in your anger, will the earth be left alone because of you? Or will the rocks be moved from their place?

5 "Yes, the light of the sinful is put out. His fire does not give light. 6 The light in his tent is made dark, and his lamp goes out above him. 7 His strong steps are made short, and his own plans make him fall. 8 For he is thrown down into a net by his own feet and walks on it. 9 A trap catches him by the foot and holds him. 10 A tied rope is hidden in the ground for him. A trap is set for him on the path. 11 He is filled with fear on every side. It follows him at every step. 12 His strength leaves him because trouble is waiting for him at every side. 13 His skin is eaten by disease and the beginning of death eats his legs. 14 He is taken away from his tent where he was safe, and is brought to the king of fears. 15 Fire destroys everything in his tent and sulphur is spread where he lives. 16 His roots are dried below and his branch is cut off above. 17 No one on earth will remember him. His name will not be known in the land. 18 He is sent from light into darkness, and driven away from where people live. 19 He has no children among his people to carry on his name where he lived. 20 Those in the west are surprised and afraid at what happened to him. And those in the east are filled with fear. 21 For sure, these are the houses of the sinful. This is the place of him who does not know God."

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