Bible New Life Version

Job 17

Job Keeps On Talking

1 "My spirit is broken. My days are gone. The grave is ready for me. 2 For sure those with me make fun of me. My eyes see how they laugh at me.

3 "Promise that You will hear me. Who is there that will trust me? 4 For You have kept their heart from understanding, so You will not honor them. 5 If one speaks against friends to get money, the eyes of his children also will become weak.

6 "But He has made me an object of shame to the people. Men spit on me. 7 My eyes have become weak with sorrow. All the parts of my body are like a shadow. 8 Men who are right and good will be surprised and afraid at this. He who is without guilt will be moved to go against the sinful. 9 But the one who is right with God will hold to his way. And he who has clean hands will become stronger and stronger. 10 But all of you try again, and I will not find a wise man among you. 11 My days are past. My plans are torn apart, even the wishes of my heart. 12 They make night into day, saying, 'The light is near,' when there is darkness. 13 If I look for the place of the dead as my home, I make my bed in the darkness. 14 If I say to the grave, 'You are my father,' and to the worm, 'My mother and my sister,' 15 then where is my hope? Who sees hope for me? 16 Will it go down with me to the place of the dead? Will we go down together into the dust?"

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