Bible New Life Version

Job 13

Job Talks

1 "See, my eye has seen all this. My ear has heard and understood it. 2 What you know I also know. I am not less than you.

3 "But I wish to speak to the Allpowerful. I want to argue with God. 4 But you cover things with lies. You are doctors of no worth. 5 If only you would be quiet, and that would show your wisdom! 6 Hear what I think. Listen to the arguing of my lips. 7 Will you say what is not true for God? Will you lie for Him? 8 Will you show favor for Him? Will you argue for God? 9 Will it be well when He tests you? Or do you lie to Him as one lies to a man? 10 For sure He will speak strong words to you if you show favor in secret. 11 Will not His great power make you afraid? Will not the fear of Him come upon you? 12 Your wise sayings are sayings of ashes. Your strength is the strength of clay.

13 "Be quiet so that I may speak. Then let come on me what will. 14 Why should I take my flesh in my teeth, and put my life in my hands? 15 Even though He would kill me, yet I will trust in Him. I will argue my ways to His face. 16 This will save me, for a sinful man may not come to Him. 17 Be careful to listen to my words. Let what I say fill your ears. 18 See, I am ready to tell everything, and all will know I am right. 19 Who will talk against me? For then I would be quiet and die.

20 "Only two things I ask of You, and then I will not hide from Your face. 21 Take Your hand from me, and do not let the fear of You make me so afraid. 22 Then call, and I will answer. Or let me speak, and You answer me. 23 How many are my sins and wrong-doings? Help me to know my wrong-doing and sin. 24 Why do You hide Your face, and think of me as one who hates You? 25 Will You make a wind-blown leaf afraid? Will You go after the dry parts of a grain-field that have no worth? 26 For You write bitter things against me. You punish me for the sins I did when I was young. 27 You put chains on my feet, and watch everything I do. You let me walk only so far. 28 I am wasting away like a piece of dead wood, like clothing eaten by the moth.

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