Bible New Life Version

Ecclesiastes 11

The Ways Of A Wise Man

1 Throw your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days. 2 Share what you have with seven, or even with eight, for you do not know what trouble may come on the earth. 3 If the clouds are full, they pour out rain upon the earth. And if a tree falls to the south or to the north, wherever the tree falls, there it lies. 4 He who watches the wind will not plant his seeds. And he who looks at the clouds will not gather the food. 5 Just as you do not know the path of the wind or how the bones are made of a child yet to be born, so you do not know the work of God Who makes all things. 6 Plant your seeds in the morning, and do not be lazy in the evening. You do not know which will grow well, the morning or evening planting, or if both of them alike will do well.

7 Light is pleasing. It is good for the eyes to see the sun. 8 If a man should live many years, let him have joy in them all. Yet let him remember the days of darkness, for they will be many. All that comes is for nothing.

What Young People Should Do

9 Young man, be filled with joy while you are young. And let your heart be happy while you are a young man. Follow the ways of your heart and the desires of your eyes. But know that God will judge you for all these things. 10 So put away trouble from your heart, and put away pain from your body. Because the years when you were a child and the best years of your life are going by fast.

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2016-08-04 Wow!!!!!! Heavenly Father thank you for this message today I need to hear from you nown I know am going in the right direction!!!! And not tolisten to human advise. I will stay were you plantd me !!!!!