Bible New Life Version

Colossians 4

1 Owners, give your servants what is right. Do the same for all. Remember that your Owner is in heaven.

Some Things To Do

2 You must keep praying. Keep watching! Be thankful always. 3 As you pray, be sure to pray for us also. Pray that God will open the door for us to preach the Word. We want to tell the secret of Christ. And this is the reason I am in prison. 4 Pray that I will be able to preach so everyone can understand. This is the way I should speak. 5 Be wise in the way you live around those who are not Christians. Make good use of your time. 6 Speak with them in such a way they will want to listen to you. Do

not let your talk sound foolish. Know how to give the right answer to anyone.

Paul's Helpers Greet You

7 Tychicus will tell you how I am getting along. He is a much-loved brother and faithful helper. Both of us are owned by the Lord. 8 This is the reason I have sent him to you. It is so you can know about us. He can also bring joy to your hearts. 9 Onesimus is going with Tychicus. He is one of your own people. He is faithful and we love him very much. They will tell you about everything here.

10 One of the men here in prison with me is Aristarchus. He greets you. Mark, the cousin of Barnabas, greets you. (You have heard before that if he comes to you, you are to receive him and make him happy.) 11 Jesus Justus greets you also. These are the only Jewish workers helping me teach about the holy nation of God. What a help they have been to me!

12 Epaphras greets you. He is one of your people and a servant of Jesus Christ. As he prays for you, he asks God to help you to be strong and to make you perfect. He prays that you will know what God wants you to do in all things. 13 I can tell you for sure that he works hard for you and for the Christians in the cities of Laodicea and Hierapolis. 14 Luke, the dear doctor, and Demas greet you. 15 Greet all the Christians in Laodicea. Greet Nympha and the Christians who gather for church in her house.

16 When this letter has been read to you, have it read in the church in Laodicea also. Be sure you read the letter that is coming from Laodicea. 17 Tell Archippus to be sure to finish the work the Lord called him to do.

18 I, Paul, am writing this last part with my own hand. Do not forget that I am in prison. May you have God's loving-favor.

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2013-06-23 We need Gods empowerment,gifts of God are not badges of honor. Use your gift to serve one another. Only way gift reaches its potential is by using it.