Bible New Life Version

Revelation 18

Babylon Is Destroyed

1 Then I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had much power. The earth was made bright with his shining-greatness. 2 He cried out with a loud voice, "The big and powerful city of Babylon is destroyed. Demons and every kind of unclean spirit live there. Unclean birds that are hated are there. 3 For she gave her wine to the nations of the world. It was the wine of her desire for sex sins. The kings of the earth have done these sex sins with her. The men of the earth who buy and sell have become rich from the riches she received while living in sin."

4 I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out from her, my people. Do not be a part of her sins so you will not share her troubles. 5 For her sins are as high as heaven. God is ready to punish her for her sins. 6 Pay her back for what she has paid you. Give back to her twice as much for what she has done. In her own cup give her twice as much as she gave. 7 Give her as much trouble and suffering as the fun and the rich living she chose for herself. In her heart she says, 'I sit here like a queen. I am not a woman whose husband has died. I will never have sorrow.' 8 Because of this, troubles of death and sorrow and no food will come to her in one day. She will be burned with fire. For the Lord God is powerful. He is the One Who says she is guilty.

Kings Cry Because Of Babylon

9 "Then the kings of the earth will cry for her and be sorry when they see the smoke of her burning. They are the ones who did sex sins with her and lived as rich people. 10 They stand a long way from her because they are afraid of her sufferings. They say, 'It is bad! It is bad for the big and powerful city of Babylon. For in one hour she is destroyed.' 11 The men of the earth who buy and sell are sorry for her and cry. They cry because there is no one to buy their things anymore. 12 They sold gold and silver and stones worth much money and pearls. They sold fine linen and purple and red silk cloth. They sold all kinds of perfumed wood. They sold things made from the teeth of animals and things made from wood that cost much money. They sold brass and iron and stone. 13 They sold spices and perfumes of all kinds. They sold wine and olive oil and fine flour and wheat. They sold cows and sheep and horses and wagons. They sold men who are not free and they sold the lives of men. 14 They say to her, 'All the good things you wanted so much are gone from you. Your riches are gone. The things you liked so much are gone. You will never have them again.' 15 The men of the earth who became rich by buying and selling in that city will stand a long way back because they are afraid of her sufferings. They will cry and have sorrow. 16 They will say, 'It is bad! It is bad for that powerful city. She dressed in fine linen of purple and red. She covered herself with gold and pearls and stones worth much money. 17 For in one hour her riches are destroyed.' The captain of every ship and all who traveled on ships and all who worked on ships stood a long way back. 18 They cried out as they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, 'Has there ever been such a city as powerful as this one?' 19 They threw dirt on their heads. They cried out with much sorrow and said, 'It is bad! It is bad for the powerful city! She is the place where all those who owned ships on the sea became rich from all her riches. For in one hour everything is gone!'

20 "Be full of joy because of her, O heaven! Be full of joy, you who belong to God and missionaries and early preachers! For God has punished her for what she did to you."

21 Then a strong angel picked up a large stone like those used for grinding wheat. He threw it into the sea, saying, "The big and strong city of Babylon will be thrown down like this. It will never be found again. 22 The sound of those playing on harps and on flutes and on horns will not be heard in you again. No workman doing any kind of work will be found in you again. The sound of the grinding-stone will not be heard in you again. 23 No light will ever shine in you again. There will be no more happy voices from a wedding heard in you. Your men who bought and sold were the most powerful on earth. You fooled people over all the world by your witchcraft. 24 And in this city was found the blood of the early preachers and of those who belonged to God and of all those who had been killed on the earth."

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