Bible New Life Version

1 Timothy 5

Teaching About Women Whose Husbands Have Died

1 Do not speak sharp words to an older man. Talk with him as if he were a father. Talk to younger men as brothers. 2 Talk to older women as mothers. Talk to younger women as sisters, keeping yourself pure. 3 Help women whose husbands have died. 4 If a woman whose husband has died has children or grandchildren, they are the ones to care for her. In that way, they can pay back to their parents the kindness that has been shown to them. God is pleased when this is done. 5 Women whose husbands have died are alone in this world. Their trust is in the Lord. They pray day and night. 6 But the one who lives only for the joy she can receive from this world is the same as dead even if she is alive.

7 Teach these things so they will do what is right. 8 Anyone who does not take care of his family and those in his house has turned away from the faith. He is worse than a person who has never put his trust in Christ. 9 A woman over sixty years old whose husband has died may receive help from the church. To receive this help, she must have been the wife of one man. 10 She must be known for doing good things for people and for being a good mother. She must be known for taking strangers into her home and for washing the feet of Christians. She must be known for helping those who suffer and for showing kindness.

11 Do not write the names of younger women whose husbands have died together with the names of others who need help. They will turn away from Christ because of wanting to get married again. 12 Then they would be thought of as guilty of breaking their first promise. 13 They will waste their time. They will go from house to house carrying stories. They will find fault with people and say things they should not talk about. 14 I think it is best for younger women whose husbands have died to get married. They should have children and care for their own homes. Then no one can speak against them. 15 Some of these women have already turned away to follow Satan. 16 If you have any women whose husbands have died in your family, you must care for them. The church should not have to help them. The church can help women whose husbands have died who are all alone in this world and have no one else to help them.

Teaching About Leaders

17 Leaders who do their work well should be given twice as much honor, and for sure, those who work hard preaching and teaching. 18 The Holy Writings say, "When a cow is walking on the grain to break it open, do not stop it from eating some" (Deuteronomy 25:4), and "A person who works should be paid." (Matthew 10:10) 19 Do not listen to what someone says against a church leader unless two or three persons say the same thing. 20 Show those who keep on sinning where they are wrong in front of the whole church. Then others will be afraid of sinning. 21 I tell you from my heart that you must follow these rules without deciding before the truth is known. God and Jesus Christ and the chosen angels know what I am saying. Show favors to no one.

22 Do not be in a hurry about choosing a church leader. You do not want to have any part in other men's sins. Keep yourself pure.

23 Do not drink water only. Use a little wine because of your stomach and because you are sick so often.

24 The sins of some men can be seen. Their sins go before them and make them guilty. The sins of other men will be seen later. 25 In the same way, good works are easy to see now. But some that are not easy to be seen cannot always be hid.

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