Bible New Life Version

1 Chronicles 12

David's Army Gets Larger

1 These are the men who came to David at Ziklag, while David was still hidden because of Saul the son of Kish. They were among the strong men who helped him in war. 2 They fought with the bow. They could also throw stones or shoot arrows with both the right and left hand. They were Saul's brothers from Benjamin. 3 The leader was Ahiezer, then Joash. Both of them were sons of Shemaah the Gibeathite. And there were Jeziel and Pelet, the sons of Azmaveth, Beracah, Jehu the Anathothite, 4 and Ishmaiah the Gibeonite. He was a strong man among the thirty, and a leader over them. There were Jeremiah, Jahaziel, Johanan, Jozabad the Gederathite, 5 Eluzai, Jerimoth, Bealiah, Shemariah, and Shephatiah the Haruphite. 6 There were Elkanah, Isshiah, Azarel, Joezer, Jashobeam, the Korahites. 7 And there were Joelah and Zebadiah, the sons of Jeroham of Gedor.

8 Powerful soldiers came from the Gadites to David in the strong-place in the desert. They had been taught how to fight in war, and could use the battle-covering and spear. Their faces were like the faces of lions. And they were as fast as the deer on the mountains. 9 Ezer was the first. Obadiah was the second. Eliab was the third. 10 Mishmannah was the fourth. Jeremiah was the fifth. 11 Attai was the sixth. Eliel was the seventh. 12 Johanan was the eighth. Elzabad was the ninth. 13 Jeremiah was the tenth. Machbannai was the eleventh. 14 These Gadites were captains of the army. He who was least led 100. And he who was greatest led 1,000. 15 These are the ones who crossed the Jordan in the first month when the water was flowing over its sides. They drove away all those in the valleys, to the east and to the west.

16 Then some of the sons of Benjamin and Judah came to David at his strong-place. 17 David went out to meet them. He said to them, "If you come in peace to help me, my heart will be joined to you. But if you have come to hand me over to those who hate me, may the God of our fathers see it and speak strong words to you. For I have done nothing wrong." 18 Then the Spirit came upon Amasai the captain of the thirty. Amasai said, "We are yours, O David! We are with you, O son of Jesse! Peace, peace to you, and peace to those who help you! For your God helps you!" Then David received them and made them captains of his soldiers.

19 Some men from Manasseh came over to David's side when he was about to go to battle with the Philistines against Saul. But they did not help him. For after talking it over, the Philistine leaders sent him away, saying, "He might go over to Saul's side with our heads." 20 The men who came over to David's side from Manasseh as he went to Ziklag were Adnah, Jozabad, Jediael, Michael, Jozabad, Elihu and Zillethai. They were captains of thousands who belonged to Manasseh. 21 They helped David against the army of soldiers who came to fight him. For they were all powerful soldiers, and captains in the army. 22 Each day men came to David to help him. They came until there was a great army, like the army of God.

23 These are the numbers of the armies who came to David at Hebron. They came to turn the nation of Saul to him, as the Word of the Lord had said. 24 There were 6,800 sons of Judah who carried a battle-covering and spear, ready for war. 25 There were 7,100 powerful soldiers from the sons of Simeon. 26 There were 4,600 sons of Levi. 27 Jehoiada was the leader of the house of Aaron. There were 3,700 men with him. 28 And there was Zadok, a young, powerful soldier, and twenty-two captains from his own father's house. 29 There were 3,000 sons of Benjamin, Saul's brothers. For until now most of them had stayed faithful to the house of Saul. 30 There were 20,800 powerful soldiers from the sons of Ephraim. They were important men in their fathers' houses. 31 There were 18,000 men of the half-family group of Manasseh. They were chosen by name to come and make David king. 32 There were 200 captains of the sons of Issachar. They understood the times and had much understanding of what Israel should do. And all their brothers obeyed them. 33 There were 50,000 men of Zebulun who were soldiers. They could fight in battle with everything used in war. And they helped David as if they had one heart. 34 There were 1,000 captains from Naphtali. With them were 37,000 men with battle-coverings and spears. 35 There were 28,600 Danites ready for battle. 36 There were 40,000 soldiers from Asher, ready for battle. 37 And there were 120,000 sons of Reuben, Gad and the half-family group of Manasseh from the other side of the Jordan. They came with everything used in war.

38 All these were men of war, ready for battle. They came to Hebron with one desire, to make David the king of all Israel. And all the rest of Israel were of one mind to make David king. 39 They were there with David for three days, eating and drinking. For their brothers had made food ready for them. 40 And their neighbors brought food, from as far as Issachar, Zebulun and Naphtali. They brought food on donkeys, camels, horses and cattle. They brought many loaves of bread and figs, many dried grapes, wine, oil, cattle and sheep. For there was joy in Israel.

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